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I’m starting a new segment on my blog that I’m pretty excited about! I feel like people are most honest during the latter hours of the day when it’s almost bedtime. So I figured I would interview bloggers and fashionistas that I admire and get to know them better. I hope you guys like these interviews. Now without further ado, let’s begin!


D: It’s been over six years since we’ve seen each other, how would you say you’ve changed the most?

T:  It’s been so long! I have to say, I changed the most mentally & emotionally. There was always a part of me that knew, that one day I’d be facing the big screen & red carpet. But I felt like I wasn’t mentally or emotionally prepared, because I doubted my talents & abilities that god gifted me with. However, I soon gained the confidence I lacked years ago. I have always been confident in more of a “I don’t care” how weird people think I am. But, I was never confident enough to show my talents, because it was a constant battle of thinking about what people would say. Now that I’m in a more secure place mentally & emotionally, I realize that there is no other Thais. I have accepted my weirdness & uniqueness in the most embracing way possible. The moment you feel secure with yourself, is the moment you gain confidence. So yeah.

D: In high school you we’ve very passionate about fashion, has that changed? What is your passion/s now?

T: Well. I would have to say that, nothing has changed in that aspect. Fashion has always been a passion of mine. And that still has yet to change. I love getting dressed, I still sketch, and I still stalk fashion shows on I wish I could be front row to every single Dolce & Gabbana show, but it’s totally fine. I’m working on it. My passions now, besides fashion, is Blogging, creating more ART for my collections, photography, and music. I’m a person that has many talents for my energetic soul.



D: What made you want to start a blog

T: What made me want to start a blog was simple. I love blogs. The photography, the simplicity, the fashion, the gossip, and the gorgeous vlogs, most bloggers make while on vacations, has always impressed me. So I was sooo scared to start my blog, because I didn’t know how to. Where I could get a hold of a camera. I didn’t have money, and I was absolutely terrified. I didn’t feel like anyone would be interested. I felt like I didn’t have enough for me to be a blogger, because usually bloggers have flawless money. They go on extravagant vacations & they visit these vintage places, and I don’t have that. So I came to the conclusion that, it’s what I want, so I’m going to work with what I have to make it happen. And that’s exactly what I did. So here we are. Because I stayed consistent, the views from day to day are consistent. I’m proud that I went past my boundary line & comfort zone & said fuck it, it’s what I want.

D: You’re still pretty new to blogging, what are your goals for the next year?

T: My goals include getting better with using a camera. Not only getting gorgeous angles of photography, but learning new ways on how to keep making my blog exciting, fresh, and motivating.

D: What new projects are you working on?

T:  I’m working on music at the moment, and tons of new ART projects. I’m tapping into photography right now. I feel it’s the talent I don’t give praise too. So I’m conjoining my ART & photography together to create beautiful photos. I believe it’s only necessary.

D: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

T:  Where do I see myself? This is only the beginning. I know it. I crave it. And I’m waiting for it. I have so much opportunity coming my way & I feel it. I’m positive every day and it brings nothing but positivity. I’m hungry for opportunity. I’m working hard day to day coming up with innovative ideas, and different approaches towards not only business, but my talents themselves. I’m always pushing the bar past my comfort zone. So in the next 5 years I see myself successful. I hope to stay dedicated & focused to get where I desire to be in the next 5 years. I want to remain humble & dedicated to my true self. I hope to have my music career prospering & my name being typed across magazine covers. I hope that interviews like this will happen in Vogue, Elle, W mag, and I want a damn picture with Anna Wintour. It’s only right. I see to the future now lmao!



D: What inspires you to get up in the morning?

T: They don’t want me to get up in the morning. They don’t want me to succeed. They don’t want me to exercise & stay fit. They don’t want me to win, they want me to lose. Stay away from they. I love DJ Khaled. Major influence no doubt. With the constant mental battles someone can have, getting up realizing that you were placed on this earth for a purpose, gets me up every day. I want to make a name for myself so, lying in bed & not updating my blog, or not adventuring San Diego, or even not thinking of new projects while exercising is not going cut it. I stay focused because I have in mind how I want my future. And that’s not sitting & waiting for it to happen. I cannot strike gold by sitting on the couch all day. You strike gold, by working hard to find it!

D: Who inspires your sense of style?

T: Rihanna & fashion trends themselves was always a major influence. I love Rihanna because she is like me. She pushes the boundaries & she goes out of her comfort zone. And she just has this look. It’s edgy but can go so gorgeously commercial in two seconds. It’s definitely what we have in common. And the fact that we don’t care. Fashion is fun. So when your Idol is Rihanna & you’re edgy, you can get compared to her often. But, the moment she said, she wants her fans to be themselves & not try to look like her, was the moment I changed. Because it’s true. She’s her & you’re you. Inspiration should be inspiration, and not thievery, or absolute literal influence. However now, I can definitely say that I’m my major influence. I’m a blogger. But I was a fashionista before I even knew what Moschino was. So I shop according to what Thais would love to wear & not what would Rihanna wear. I love 90’s vintage, and even 50’s vintage. But there’s nothing like a t-shirt, jeans, and high top chucks lol.

D: What would you say your own personal style is?

T:  I’d say my own personal style comes with how I’m feeling today. Not according to the weather. But, how I feel at the moment. It’s currently 100 degrees where I am. I can tell though, if I wanted to wear fur outside I would. A beat face & jewelry, is my main essentials regardless. My style is so versatile it’s hard to describe it in one world. Just know when you see me, I’ll look fabulous. No doubt.



D: I know that you like to sing. Are you pursuing that as a career?

T:  Yes, yes, I do sing, but I also rap! Music is definitely what I want to pursue. There has always been something about music. However, I never thought I’d be interested in actually becoming an artist. It’s time for me to make a change in music. The repetitive consistency in rappers, and music period is outrageous! I’m over it. I see people wanting new music all the time. And what’s sad is people are draining new albums and music is becoming useless & the topics are always the same exact topic. It’s like what’s new? So here I am. Along with the few rappers that talk that wisdom.

D: You were asked to walk in a fashion show, tell me about that.

T: So one of my friend’s parents introduced us to the idea. At first however his step father told us about the music auditions. So I said yes, but I always felt like my friend wasn’t trying to create a song, because he felt the instrumentals we found weren’t good enough. So I said well, I’m still going to audition, but for the modeling. I’ve always been interested in modeling (photo- modeling) but not a runway model because I felt like I was so short to even think about the runway.  But, this show is so diverse & nothing but positive energy every rehearsal. I was so nervous, but amped about starting a new venture & creating not only amazing memories, but meeting new people, and taking an opportunity by the neck & conquering it full force, regardless of my fears. It’s going to be an all-white event, red carpet, and a white 40 feet runway. I heard there’s going to be countless opportunities in the audience. The set date is August 27th, and I’m completely stoked to try something new & stunt myself down that runway.



D: Is modeling something you’re interested in?

T:  I love photography. Whether I’m behind the camera or in front of it. I love taking photos! So photo modeling is definitely something I would always be interested in. I don’t like feeling like I’m getting used to be the face of a brand however. Because I am a brand ha-ha! I feel like it doesn’t show my true talents. It’s just a way to gain opportunity & a way to show off my unique beauty. But, runway modeling is a different story. I feel my mind is too complex to even think about walking! I would have to say I’d let the walking be done but the real runway models ha-ha!

D: Give us one last thing we should know about you?

T: That one last thing would be this. I never give up. Regardless I always make sure I make it happen. Even if that means I get it done two weeks from now. Giving up is not something that is in my blood. If I were any animal, it would have to be a wolf. The ambition & dedication but viciousness is motivating.



D: Thanks Thais for letting me interview you. I’m sure we’ll be seeing your success in the fashion world soon. 

T: Thank you for having me. I hope you enjoy.

A big thanks to Thais for being my first interviewee! If you guys want to keep up with her you can follow her on instagram @thaiskmbrown_ check out her Youtube channel ThaisBrown or stop by her blog

Until next time, Kisses Kittens <3


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